Gazette white

The members we all love

~The Members~

Vocalist: Ruki

Guitarist: Uruha

Rythm Guitarist: Aoi

Drummer: Kai

Bassist: Reita

In 2002, Reita, Uruha, and Ruki decided to start a band. All three agreed that if this band was unsuccessful, they would give up and find real jobs. They soon recruited their first drummer, Yune. Before long they realized that during guitar solos, the background sounded empty and they saught a rythm guitarist. Yune brought Aoi from his old band. In 2003, Yune left the band and was soon replaced by Kai. This is the lineup known today and many fans speculate that without Kai, the GazettE would not be as far as they are now. The members have hinted that Yune was hard to work with and arrogant, a far strech from the hard working and loving Kai, who also ended up being the band's leader. Although loved by the rest of the members, they all make fun of Kai a lot, the majority of the teasing coming from Reita.

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